Aid & Comfort Committee: Coordinates responses from CIAO to members in times of family need or crisis.

Awards & Grants Committee: Responsible for reviewing requests for awards and grants and other charitable contributions and also making recommendations to the Board for final approval.

Communication/ Website Committee: Responsible for the preparation of the CIAO newsletter, Il Banditore, as well as updates and maintenance of the CIAO website and any other social media outlets.

Finance/Budget/Audit Committee: Performs audits of the Organization’s financial records and ensures compliance with both CIAO’s governing documents and all applicable laws and regulations. The Committee may, if needed and with the approval of the Board, arrange for an outside audit of CIAO by qualified accounting persons or firms.

Italian Festival Committee: Responsible for coordinating all activities related to the annual Italian Festival that is usually held in October.

Italian Film Festival Committee: Responsible for coordinating all activities related to the Italian Film Festival usually held in the Winter.

Meeting Set-Up Committee: Responsible, as needed, for the set-up and take-down of equipment at member meetings and social events.

Membership/Welcoming Committee: Responsible for coordinating and providing welcome packets to new members, and following up to ensure that new members are made aware of upcoming events and activities.

Nominating Committee: Responsible for soliciting candidates for Board and Committee vacancies, and making recommendations to the Board on members who are willing and qualified to fill those vacancies.

Publicity Committee: Responsible for publicizing events that are open to the public, such as the Italian Festival, and the Film Festival. In addition, as appropriate from time to time, this Committee shall arrange for photos and articles of CIAO activities (e.g. scholarship awards or other charitable donations) to be submitted to local media, such as the Virginia Gazette.

Scholarship Committee: Responsible for soliciting scholarship applicants, reviewing applications and awarding scholarships to local high school students, culminating in an awards dinner usually held in May.

Social Committee: Responsible for all non-meeting social events, including, but not limited to, the annual picnic, holiday parties, attendance at arts and cultural events, and other outings.