Get a License Plate!

Proudly proclaim your heritage and help support educational scholarships with an Italian American license plate


Pre-order applications are now being accepted for a new Virginia “Italian American” special license plate. The CIAO Foundation, a 501(c)(3) located in Williamsburg, Virginia, is the sponsor for this revenue sharing plate. All revenues received from sales of the plate will be used to help sustain, and hopefully expand, our annual educational scholarships to high school seniors in the greater Williamsburg area. Over the past 18 years, since beginning the awards in 1999, we have given out 76 educational scholarships.

For an Italian American plate to be issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia, we must receive 450 prepaid applications. These applications must be sent to The CIAO Foundation and will, at the appropriate time, be delivered to the DMV. If we are unable to collect the minimum prepaid applications, The CIAO Foundation will refund each applicant.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the plate cost? The plate fee is $25 because it is revenue sharing. This fee is charged annually and is in addition to the yearly registration fee paid to the DMV.
  2. Can my plate be personalized? Yes, for an additional $10 (pay $35 in total). The Italian American plate can have a maximum of 6 characters.
  3. On what motor vehicles can the plate be used? The plate may be displayed on owned or leased passenger cars, multipurpose vehicles, (i.e. Jeeps, Blazers, and motor homes), vans, light-duty/pickup trucks, and motorcycles.
  4. Are the plates available with the handicapped logo? Yes. However, it may limit the number of characters available for personalized plates. For more information, call the DMV Customer Service Center at 804-367-0538.
  5. Can I transfer my existing personalized license plate to the new plate? Yes, if the plate number does not exceed the maximum characters assigned to the plate.
  6. Will The CIAO Foundation receive any money from the sales of these plates? Yes. Once a thousand qualifying plates are sold or renewed, The CIAO Foundation will receive $15 of every $25 collected annually. The funds collected will be used in their entirety to support our educational scholarships for high school seniors.


Order your Virginia “Italian American” special license plate

The format of the online form is being revised. If you want to order a license plate, please download the PDF version of the form, and send your completed form, along with a check, to The CIAO Foundation address on this form. Please use the link below to download the form.
To download PDF form and mail in click here.

Online ordering coming soon.


Additional Questions

If you have additional questions about purchasing the special Italian American license plate or about The CIAO Foundation, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.